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Our company History

Based out of Salado Texas, 48 Off Lawns Unlimited was built for several different reasons. First and foremost was the opportunity to earn extra income in an effort to better provide for my family. I have three kids and a beautiful wife whom I would do anything for. I’ve always wanted to give my best for the family and this business provided the avenue. Secondly, I really enjoyed working outside and the instant gratification that came from making extreme renovations in a relatively short time frame. My design visions were quickly brought to reality and the customer’s true appreciation was extremely rewarding. I've always enjoyed the moment when the customers realized their lawn's true potential.

Lastly, I wanted to have the vehicle to give back to this amazing community! I want to leave a legacy that my family can be proud of for generations to come. Our business model is built on honesty, loyalty, pride, and integrity. I want people to feel respected when they encounter anyone from this company and to know that their wishes will be respected through the entire process.

Here at 48 Off Lawns Unlimited, we really do value the small town interactions.

  • Professional Services
  • Family Owned
  • Commitment to Community
  • Relationships, Not Customers

Mission Statement

To deliver professional landscape services, with heartfelt customer interactions, and a small town feel.


We are the Best in Our Field

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We provide quality, professional services while maintaining the small business relationship and feel.

Commitment to Our Community

We have a strong commitment to our community as well as the people in it that reflects the level of service we deliver each day.

Family Owned

We’re a family owned business and want to keep it that way. We want you to work with our family, not a business.

Relationships, Not Customers

It’s in our core values that the people we service are not simply our customers. We’re in the business to build relationships, not customers.

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I would give Joe 100*** if I could. I called him last minute asking for a 4 acre job, in Burnet county. He came out and while he was mowing, I plugged in my leaf blower for clean up. Well, turns out I didn’t need it because not only did he weed whack after mowing, but he took his edger along all borders, then he made sure and left it spotless. It was perfect. My dog field looked amazing when I hosted an event. He was fast, efficient and very personable and professional. His prices were very competitive and as a fellow veteran I received a discount. I can’t wait to use him again.

Roxanne L.

48 Off Lawns Unlimited

Professional, friendly, and quality service
with the small town feel

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