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Why Aeration is Important


Throughout the lifespan of turf, the soil will get compacted, causing roots to not be able to properly grow and also prohibiting the transfer of nutrients like nitrogen, oxygen, and water through the soil where the roots can reach them. The denser the soil, the less nutrients your grass receives, the thinner it becomes.


Aerating is the process of loosening the soil either by solid metal tines or removing core samples. These new holes in the turf cause the soil to settle loosely, allowing those important nutrients to reach those roots and bolster grass growth.

Why aeration is important
Core Aeration

How We Can Help


There are two main methods to aeration; one is with the use of solid tines that poke holes in the ground, the other is core aeration. Core aeration is the process of puncturing similar holes in the turf, the difference, however, is core aeration uses hollow stakes that pull a core sample out each time it’s driven in.


We, at 48 Off Lawns Unlimited, use the process of core aeration as it provides the best benefit to the soil by removing the compacted dirt versus simply pushing it down farther. Removing the soil samples all together is the best way to loosen the soil and disperse nutrients naturally.


If there are thin patches in your lawn, chances are you could have dense soil that makes your grass roots difficult to grow. Bundle aeration with a 6-step fertilization plan and you’ll be on your way to the thickest and greenest lawn in the neighborhood!

If you want a thicker and fuller lawn, contact us today for your free aeration estimate!

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