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Why Trim Hedges and Trees?


Tree removal isn’t the only solution to the annoyances that can come with having trees on your lawn. Trimming hedges and trees is a great alternative to completely removing them. Not only do well manicured trees and hedges look great and keep debris from falling on your lawn, they can also lower your heating costs by as much as 15% and your air conditioning costs as high as 75%!


In fact, the temperature below a tree can be as much as 25° cooler.


It can also help get much needed sunlight to areas that have been too shaded by overgrown trees, allowing for proper nutrient delivery when fertilizing or aerating.

Hedge Trimming Salado Texas
Tree Maintenance

How We Can Help


Your trees and hedges play an important role in the design and aesthetics of your landscape. Often times the first reaction is to want to completely remove a tree or hedge without weighing the pros and cons of removing it versus trimming it.


We don’t want to simply perform a service, but rather be a consultative figure in the community to help shed light on designs and options. Before considering tree removal, trust the experts in the industry with our professional tree and hedge trimming services and consultation.

If you have some annoying hedges or trees and have been playing with the idea of removing them, reach out to us and see how we can help!

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